Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bringers of Disease and the "Gospel of Pestilence"

Bringers of Disease 
Dear Mongrels, Mutts, Mouth Breathers and Mutants,

Waylon here, up and at 'em and proud to announce that we've once again partnered with Translation Loss Records to bring you the debut EP of Dayton, Ohio's own Bringers of Disease.

I don't know what might be in the water in Montgomery County, but I can guess it's probably filthy, raw and crippling. Gospel of Pestilence is black metal at its most primal, heavier than a public beheading and written with an ear for atmosphere and crushing riffage. I'll paint you a picture: Imagine the sound of everything you hold dear in life burning in a pit. Fans of Enslaved, Acheron and Aura Noir should especially take notice.

Bringers of Disease will be playing 2 record release shows this weekend for you lucky Buckeyes. Go see 'em. You won't regret it.

May 20 @ Blind Bob's in Dayton, OH

May 21 @ Kobo in Columbus, OH

Gospel of Pestilence will be in stores May 24th and is shipping now from Translation Loss

As always, thanks for supporting our bands. It means a helluva lot. - W

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