Friday, January 21, 2011


Men & Women of Planet Earth:

The album has leaked, the blogosphere is a-sizzle with Mediafire links and the reviews are in. But one thing holds true...the latest full length from Philadelphia's Serpent Throne still shreds harder than any album expelled from that nebulous mass of poo that is heavy metal music. You know you want to hold the thing in your hands, marvel at the art, gawk at the shiny disc of awesome therein and fill that gap between Pentagram and Thin Lizzy on your CD shelves. Just grab a six pack of Stroh's, grandpa's Quaaludes, mom's credit card and click the righteous art above.

And for your reading pleasure, some fine folks from around the world have taken a moment to review White Summer - Black Winter. I'm assuming there's nothing but unanimous praise in this here links, but I wouldn't know as I've been dry-humping a couch cushion for the better part of an hour...



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Friday, January 7, 2011


Dear Downloaders, Bloggers, Dent Heads, Mutants, Mouth Breathers and of of Waylon Recordings:

Waylon here, hoping you had a wonderful holiday season and wishing y'all a 2011 full of piss and vinegar. With the exception of you "novelists" out there, I assume it's back to work for the rest of us...and what better way to soundtrack the burning of school buses, hijacking of mail trucks, shooting a home invader in the face with a Remington 870 or simply wandering around your nearest food court swinging a miter saw than with the new album from Philly grind legends TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION

If Grind were a country, then Rich Hoak would surely be a national treasure (Go here & here for proof). Waylon Recordings, in conjunction with the fine folks at Translation Loss Records, is proud to announce the release of Hoak's creative masterpiece: HATER

HATER is the result of a brain that's been blast-beating around the world (and possibly under the influence) for more than two decades. But TFD's latest and greatest isn't just about hummingbird feet and scary grind faces. There is an artfulness to HATER, a unique mix of noise, punk, metal and an intangible Philadelphia-ness that's as heavy as a raid on the MOVE compound and as absurd as an Allen Iverson press conference. Imagine Buddy Rich with a bloodstream full of THC listening to Harmony Corruption. HATER is performance grind, the audial equivalent of tear gas and probably what you'll hear in your head right before the guy from the government hog-ties your sister.  In other words, it's the sound of peace, love and Total Fucking Destruction.  

So before our money is rendered worthless by a financial apocalypse, gift yourself some new music. HATER is available for pre-order below. Point. Click. Buy. Buy. Buy. Buy. 

Your pal, 


P.S. As an extra treat, here is the Ed Ballinger directed video for Time Theft, a brand new track from Total Fucking Destruction's totally fucking destroying album...