Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Waylon Recordings, in partnership with Translation Loss Records, is proud to announce the release of Serpent Throne's almighty new slab of instrumental rock, White Summer - Black Winter, available for order now from the Translation Loss store.

Arguably Philadelphia's best kept secret, Serpent Throne will be celebrating the release of your new favorite album with a hometown show at Kung Fu Necktie this Thursday, October 14th...opening for THRONES (Featuring a little dude who played in seven of your favorite bands named JOE PRESTON).

Waylon agrees that in this sea of poseur nostalgia metal (where straight-edge hardcore kids decided to grow out their hair, stock up on High On Fire tees and sew Motorhead patches onto their denim vests) SERPENT THRONE represent an authentic and righteous linkage to the revered '70's acts of yore. And much like the best Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Blue Cheer, Leafhound, Pentagram, and Sir Lord Baltimore had to offer, White Summer - Black Winter sounds effortless because, well, it's a work of genius, folks. It's confident but not cocky, swinging and stomping and shredding in all the right places...and did I mention the goddamn RIFFS?

Play this record for your old man and watch that twinkle in his eyes return. Or beat the crowd and start learning those Serpent Throne covers that all the cool bands will be doing ten years from now...

Trust Waylon when he tells you that in a year full of false notes, White Summer - Black Winter is the one album that rings true.

So do me a solid and head over to SERPENT THRONE's official myspace page to sample the rock and remember that I would never, ever lie to you.



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